Our initiatives aim to enhance science technology and innovation in Kuwait and specifically finding new innovative solutions that address the challenges facing our country. Some of our initiatives include organizing conferences, seminars and talks that aim to develop the capacities of researchers, policy makers and business executives and collaborating with renowned international institutions to transfer and apply new technologies.

KFAS Innovation Challenge

The KFAS Innovation Challenge is an annual blended executive learning experience for teams from the Kuwaiti private sector designed to inspire innovative ideas, through training with an emphasis on utilizing STI to address various challenges faced within their companies.

Teams of up to five people get six months of first-hand experience with global innovation leaders from a different part of the world each session. Since its inauguration in 2015, 151 Kuwaiti professionals have participated in the past four versions of the KFAS Innovation Challenge, representing 40 teams from 28 different Kuwaiti private enterprises.

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