Mission and Vision


"A thriving culture of science, technology and innovation (STI) for a sustainable Kuwait"


"Stimulate and catalyse the advancement of STI for the benefit of society, research and enterprise in Kuwait"

Key initiatives for the fulfilment of this mission include improving public understanding of science, strengthening innovation and research capacity, supporting talented researchers, translating knowledge into innovation, and driving the potential capabilities of the private sector.


KFAS' current strategy (2012- 2016) fully supports the goals put forward in the 2030 Vision and Strategic Plan for Kuwait, in addition to the goals listed in Kuwait's Five Year Development Plan.

The Foundation's strategy embraces the latest thinking on the scientific and technological needs of Kuwait. At its core, it identifies the proper role of KFAS and its centers in meeting those needs, and works to ensure a more systematic approach to funding innovative programs. From the start, the current strategic plan has served to demonstrate the vital role KFAS can play as driver of change in all areas of science and technology. In 2012 alone, for example, the Foundation succeeded in realizing several of its key aims, including building links with the private sector and enhancing the capabilities and potential of leading research institutions.

Strategic Thrust Areas

KFAS has developed a strategy for effectively investing its limited resources so as to ensure the Foundation is able to achieve its vision with maximum impact and minimum levels of risk.

This core strategy is focused on identifying and addressing the development and human resource needs of different elements of the science, technology and innovation system in the following areas:

  • Strategic Thrust #1 – Developing a strong advocacy for science, education and scientific culture.
  • Strategic Thrust #2 – Enhancing and integrating R&D Capacity in and among Kuwaiti Scientific Institutions.
  • Strategic Thrust #3 – Strengthening and developing the National Science, Technology, and Innovation System.
  • Strategic Thrust #4 – Supporting the development of the private sector's scientific and technological capabilities and participation in the construction of a knowledge economy.